TO: All Full-Time Faculty and Lecturers, Lab Instructors and other Academic Instructional Staff who are appointed at or above the half-time level on a continuing basis

FROM: Joe Dieker, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College

DATE: August 26, 2013

SUBJECT: Faculty Development and Travel Funding

I am pleased to announce the availability of faculty development and travel funds for this academic year.

As you may recall, the Mellon Foundation generously approved a grant to Cornell to support presidential initiatives.  President Brand, in consultation with me, has decided to use the funding for faculty development including an increase in the yearly allotment for travel opportunities.  This will be the second year of increased funding.

Therefore, those individuals specified above are eligible to receive up to $1,000 in development funds for scholarly, creative, or professional expenditures which qualify as tax-exempt under federal IRS guidelines.  Appropriate expenses include, but are not limited to, attendance at professional meetings (air and ground transportation, registration, lodging and meals), memberships in professional organizations in the discipline, subscriptions to professional journals, and books. Since the intent of the additional funding is to allow increased opportunities for faculty travel, only $400 of the $1,000 may be used for non-travel expenditures (such as memberships and books).  Faculty are free to utilize the full allotment for travel (up to a total of $1,000).

For instance, John Doe may choose to use $400 for memberships and subscriptions and be reimbursed for up to $600 for expenses related to a professional conference he attends.  Sally Smith may choose to be reimbursed for up to $1,000 to present research at a symposium.  Sam Jones does not plan to travel this year and will only have $400 available for non-travel expenditures.

These funds are intended for use during this academic year and cannot be rolled over into the 2014-15 fiscal year.  In accordance with the college’s travel and purchasing policies, please request reimbursement within thirty days of incurring any expenses.

These funds should not be used to support the purchase of equipment, computers, hardware, software, printers, and other computing accessories.  These items must be requested through the College’s regular process for capital requests.  If you have any questions regarding the appropriate use of these funds, please contact us before you incur the expenses.

Travel funds may be obtained by requesting a travel loan in advance or by submitting receipts for reimbursement. In either case, the “Travel Loan and Expense Reporting Form” must be completed and submitted with the itemized documentation to Nancy Rawson in the Office of Academic Affairs for review and approval, within 30 days of incurring the expenses.

In regard to the use of these funds, please refer to the “Business Expense Reimbursement Policy”  on the Business Services webpage at and the “Academic Purchasing Guidelines” on the Purchasing Office webpage at